Beurre de caramel décadents Keto Québec 200ml - (4 saveurs disponibles

Caramel Butter decadent Keto Quebec 200ml - (4 flavors available) BOX OF 12



Our butter caramel craft keto is offered in 4 delicious flavors more one than the other. Made by a local producer with a traditional process, here they are here they are;

Maple Caramel

Ingredients: 35% Cream, Butter, * Xylitol, natural maple Essence


Crunchy Caramel & amp; sea ​​salt

Ingredients: 35% cream, butter, Xylitol *, salt flower


Original Caramel

Ingredients: 35% cream, butter, Xylitol *


Caramel dark chocolate

Ingredients: Cream 35% Xylitol *, Butter, Cocoa 100%


Mix well before serving and refrigerate after opening.

* The xylitol is a polyol extracted from birch bark, considered the last twenty years as a remarkable sugar substitute xylitol .The is commonly known as birch sugar. If consumed in excessive amounts, xylitol can have effects laxatives.

** The picture is indicative

Note that the cream tends to form a surface layer then it is advisable to shake well before consuming it. It is also recommended that the caramel in the refrigerator after opening so that it is less liquid but it may be that it becomes grainy because xylitol, it will resume its creamy texture when heated. Duration 30 days after opening. As the production scale, it could be that the texture varies from one time to another. Caramel term is used to this but as xylitol has no power to caramelize, it is rather a buttery caramel.